As a not-for-profit organisation, South West Training Services constantly strives to deliver quality, affordable and reliable training solutions to all of our students.

Due to work and family commitments, it can be challenging for some students to attend face to face classes. Therefore, SWTS decided to offer unique remote learning classrooms that allow students to enjoy the benefits of online learning whilst maintaining the sensation and personable manner that comes with a classroom environment.

Using the Zoom video application, students will receive the quality and lively experience of face-to-face learning from the comfort of their remote environment; students can engage directly with trainers for one-on-one learning in addition to their classmates, guaranteeing a true classroom culture and environment.

Flexible virtual training

These virtual classrooms will ensure students are able to manage their own schedule in a streamlined fashion. You can interact with your trainer and classmates effortlessly throughout your course and enjoy the benefits of a unique and engaging virtual learning experience. We offer virtual training for many of our courses. Please contact the training office on 9748 9233 for more details.


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