Acing your Coursework: 6 Ways to Stay on Track

By AWD Digital
Posted 22 Sep 2020

In an age where something as small as your mobile phone can offer endless hours of entertainment and distractions, it can sometimes be difficult to stay focused – especially if you’re learning remotely. Staying on track with your online childcare classes is far from impossible, however, and today’s article is going to outline six distinct practices you can follow to ensure you stay on top of everything and get the most you can out of your course.


1.     Understand the syllabus

Before your course begins, you’ll be given access to a syllabus detailing what will be covered in the semesters to come. This should be studied in advance so you can gain a thorough understanding of your future assignments and units that will be covered. Make notes around the different parts of the syllabus and, if you have the time, do a bit of preliminary research and study into the unit’s that’ll be covered first. Even if it’s gaining an understanding of basic terms that are used.


2.     Construct an effective notetaking system

Taking notes can be helpful at the time – but if you have no structure to your notetaking then they may appear to be a mess when you really need them. That’s why you must establish a structured notetaking system or layout prior to starting your childcare course. The syllabus can help you create categories for your future notes, so they’re all kept in neat sections (and even sub-sections). If you’re someone who prefers putting pen to paper, then we recommend a folder or journal with distinctively separated sections for each part of your course.

Otherwise, digital notetaking gives you the flexibility to rearrange your notes as you take them so you can always make sure that everything’s where it needs to be. Additionally, all you have to do is search your notes for keywords and you’ll find what you need instantly. You can even go that extra step and categorise your digital notes with tags. Establishing a notetaking system will help you in the long-run – even after you complete your studies. When you need to refer back to something, it’ll be as simple as ever to find what you need.


3.     Never be afraid to ask questions

Remember at the end of the day you’re in your childcare course to learn – and, asking questions is the best thing you can do – especially if you don’t completely understand something. This means consulting your tutors during class or over email out of class and even contacting classmates. This is something that will help you especially stay on track if you’re taking your childcare classes online instead of on campus. Getting to know your classmates is a part of this point and will help you establish a network or even a study group that could work to your advantage during the course.


4.     Don’t overwork yourself

Combining our last few tips with your actual coursework and classes – it can be easy to get carried away and overwork yourself. Which is why above all else you must learn to take it easy and take care of yourself. This means taking regular breaks – like making a coffee or even going for a walk around the block to get some fresh air. Allowing yourself that room to breathe and apply some self-care is important to your wellbeing and also keeping your mind sharp. Additionally, forming a meal plan that you can stick to will simultaneously help you establish a routine around your online classes as well as eliminate that forever-present uncertainty of what food should be eaten next.


5.     Revise regularly

Put your notes to good use by regularly revising. Set a reminder in your phone to go over what you’ve learnt over the last week (or fortnight – the space is up to you) to keep it fresh in your mind. This also allows you to follow up on anything you still may not understand with your tutors or peers.


6.     Minimise distractions

If you know you’re someone who is easily distracted, then keep your phone on silent and with the screen down and avoid working in front of a television. The most you should be allowing yourself is some music if it doesn’t distract you. It’s mostly will power involved with this so it’s up to you to want to do well during your online classes.


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