5 Benefits of a Hands-On Childcare Course (and Why Placement is Crucial When Studying Early Childhood Education and Care)

By South West Training Services
Posted 1 Apr 2021

Learning is a very unique and personal thing. Many individuals will have their own preferred methods and, with so many different ways of learning becoming commonplace in the modern world, the conventional learning process has adapted and taken on new forms.

However, there are some fields where the traditional and practical method of placement is still considered to be highly effective — and, early childhood education and care is one of those fields. In today’s article, we’ll be exploring five benefits of studying a childcare course in Werribee — and why it is not only crucial but also essential to have a placement experience when studying early childhood education.


1.     Putting theory into practice

Whilst our online and Werribee-based childcare courses are not comprised entirely of practical placement units — it does make up an integral portion. The theory and methods you’ll be studying during the classes are quintessential to your future careers in the industry, and the best way to ensure that you’re understanding the theoretical side of the course is to put that theory into practice.

This is will give you a chance to see what steps you’ve gained an appropriate grasp on and what elements you may need improvement in. You can discuss with your supervisor — who will be checking in on you during your placement — which parts of the coursework you feel you need further clarification on. This is also another reason why notetaking is so important during your classes as you can refer back to them during placement.


2.     Acclimatising to the environment before you’re officially employed

Childcare centres can take you through a whirlwind of emotions all in the span of a few hours and some prospective educators are surprised at how emotionally and physically draining the experience can be going into their first placement. Getting a feel for the type of environment you’ll be working in for the foreseeable future is important because it can deter some people from the course as they may feel like it isn’t for them.

That’s why being introduced to the environment before officially beginning your career in the field is essential. If you do still feel like you’re up for being an early childhood educator, then you’ll be able to utilise your time in placement more efficiently and prepare yourself for the fast-paced and demanding setting. Additionally, it will also help prepare you for the routine — as the hours will differ from a traditional 9am–5pm job.


3.     Picking up on the little things

Like with any field, some things simply cannot be taught in a classroom. This is where placement really steps up — especially when studying a childcare course. Because you’re dealing with children and will be responsible for shaping many of their first experiences it’s absolutely crucial that you be prepared for anything as each day and centre will be a different experience. Pay attention to your assigned carer and really watch what they do.

There will be small things and nuances that you will pick up during placement that could make a huge difference in the long run. It will also teach you to be attentive to each student’s specific traits and personalities as they will all require different things. This sort of personal attention is something that cannot be entirely grasped until you’re in the thick of it.


4.     Interacting with parents

Interacting with the children’s parents is a big part of being an early childhood educator. Being able to observe the interactions between the parents and your assigned educators — and, even having the opportunity to partake in conversations yourself — will be a huge plus and something you simply won’t be able to experience whilst in the classroom.


5.     Boosting your confidence and CV

Completing your placement block will improve your confidence immensely and strengthen your resolve. There is no better way than placement to prepare yourself for this type of career, and future employers will see this and regard it highly when considering your application.


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